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Web Order Fulfillment

Web Order Fulfillment

How It Works:

We Build It.

You have a product, but no website, or a website without the ability to sell your products. We design and develop websites specifically to sell products—your products. For the initial setup and configuration fee, we design and build the e-commerce website platform you need to sell to your customers. Once complete, there are several avenues that we can take together; each with their own benefits.

We Manage It.

When we are managing the website, you can concentrate on designing and producing a stellar product, and do not have to hire staff to manage the website. We do request that you have a liaison that we can contact that will understand our needs regarding product imports and inventory sheets. You will also need to maintain a staff for product packaging and shipping.

  • We maintain web servers.
  • We take and process the orders.
  • We manage the product inventory on the site.
  • We maintain PCI compliancy for credit card transactions.
  • We process the transactions via credit card, PayPal or bank check.
  • The orders are simultaneously sent to you to begin the fulfillment process.
  • Additional website design and promotional pieces are negotiated into a package.
  • Credit card transaction fees and our processing fees are deducted from the sale price.
  • We pay you the profit from the sales on a weekly basis, for the sales of the previous week.

You Manage It.

When you manage the website, we suggest that you maintain the appropriate staff to manage inventory, design and promotion, PCI compliancy, and web servers.

  • You take and process the orders.
  • You manage the product inventory on the site.
  • You process the transactions via credit card, PayPal or bank check.
  • You pay all credit card transaction fees and processing fees.
  • You pay regular hosting and maintenance fees monthly.

All Negotiable.

All of the above listed bullets points are negotiable, and are built into the individual contracts. If you are interested in discussing this further with a representative, please contact Jim Marcey at 954-563-0080.


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