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Many would argue that multimedia is one of the most powerful marketing tools because if it's high impact entertaining value.  Multimedia creation can use text, audio, video, animation, still images, interactivity, or any combination of these to create a sequence, or sequences of viewable footage, and can fall into two different categories, linear and non-linear.

All multimedia creation generally follows a script of some kind, whether a formal document, or notes written on a napkin. Linear multimedia, such as a film or television commercial follows one script to create a sequence that is easy  for a viewer to follow and understand from beginning to end without an external influences or navigation required.

Non-linear, on the other hand, usually uses a main script with sub scripts to produce segments that can be played in variable sequences dictated by the viewer using some type of navigation or queue mechanism.

With some of today's software, multimedia can be created that allows for interactive usability to not only dictate the sequence in which events are played for them, but also to add and edit information within the file that can be store in a database or emailed directly from the software, making it ideal for training videos, exams, video games and more.

Whether audio or video, our highly skilled staff of writers and producers will examine your requirements to create a script that will move your audience.

Please feel free to contact us for more information by calling 954.563.0080 or clicking here for our quick contact email form.

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