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In the early days of the 20th century, profit drivers were vastly different than in today's fast-paced, everything matters in marketing world. Marketing was localized and based on production efficiency, quality of product or service and availability to marketplace. While some of these principals still stand today, the marketplace is larger and more diverse and product information, both positive and negative, is easily disseminated and available to the public. At the same time, competition is extreme and differentiation has become almost entirely driven by product marketing.

Now ten years into the 21st century, marketing has evolved into a holistic aspect of any company that wants to succeed. Holistic marketing refers to a cohesive integration in all four components that generally characterize marketing, which are relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing and socially responsive marketing. A broad integrated perspective is required when developing, designing and implementing any marketing plan or programs for your company.

We understand these concepts and what it takes, either as your marketing team, or working with your marketing team, to build your brand and drive your company over the competition. We don't just follow current trends, but help to create them. Using the latest software, technology, and personnel that see the emerging global marketplace as opportunity for our clients.

Our dynamic websites are developed in a manner that allows for the optimum level of search engine optimization, and the ability to be managed almost entirely by our clients if desired.  Our software also provides us the ability to customize almost every aspect of the site, although we recommend keeping the core features in place.

Once a website is completed, other marketing efforts become easier to implement and track through the site software. We setup your site in our webmaster tool system that gives us access to hit and click information on a page-by-page basis. This makes variant testing a breeze so we can test alternative versions of pages and ads in real world scenarios.

We you are ready to hire a true website marketing company to drive your traffic, we are ready to go.

Please feel free to contact us for more information by calling 954.563.0080 or clicking here for our quick contact email form.

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