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Project Management

Project Management

Project management. What is it? And, is it really necessary?

Some smaller companies hesitate to expend their resources on a project manager, even when a project represents a high percentage of their invested R&D income. In fact, a project manager generally helps you save both time and money over the course of a project by identifying short-falls in modeling while developing the project plan; managing the stakeholders, team, risk, schedule, budget and conflicts. This requires them at times to rein in the scope and renegotiate resources. When a company decides to self-manage their projects, they are generally sidetracked by the minutia of the daily grind, allowing the project to suffer and become more costly than anticipated.

As an agency, we are, in a sense, your project manager and understand the role of a PM, as well as the underlying requirements of many IT projects, and are happy to discuss yours with you. We do most of our work in-house, but do outsource some aspects of a job to our partner firms. When we outsource our time is only billable as a PM, along with a 20% agency fee. As the agency, we strive to bring every project in on-time and on-budget.

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