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Affiliate Sales Professionals needed now, nationwide!
Are you looking for:

  • The potential to earn $50K - $150K first year?
  • Protected territory and no competition?
  • The freedom to set your own hours?
  • The luxury of working from home?
  • The opportunity to be rewarded for success with free corporate stock?

Can you:

  • Take a new business idea and run with it?
  • Create your own tracks and personalize your pitch?
  • Self-motivate?
  • Believe in a program that is designed to
         1) Increase a business' customer loyalty
         2) Increase the frequency of a customer's visits
         3) Increase a business' average ticket size
         4) Increase a business' number of customer referrals
         5) Increase a business' bottom line
  • Can you close a small to large ticket item sales knowing that if a business implements our services it is almost impossible for them not to MORE than recoup their costs each and every month?


ThrottleWeb is a highly regarded name in website design and production services that focuses primarily on small to medium size businesses that realize they need the services, but most think it's too expensive for them to afford. Many end up using sites with prefabricated website services, such as, and, without realizing they are paying $49 - $200 per month for a basic template driven platform that they have to learn, design and populate their site. Most aren't designers, Most know nothing of SEO content creation. And, most importantly, most don't have the time to remove themselves from running their business to assemble and run a comprehensive website.

This is where you come in.

  • You know of, or are working with businesses that need enhanced interactive website services.
  • You know how to sell and you provide GREAT customer service and account supervision.
  • You have superior business acumen and understand your client's needs to recommend new products and services.
  • Your integrity is unswayable, and you clients trust you completely for the right advice.
  • You understand the Internet and have the intellect and entrepreneurial spirit to seek out new clients, information and services to show clients how to profit from their integration into their business.

A very high percentage (80-90%) of all customer transactions are "ok" and this is the silent killer to a business' bottom-line.  People don't complain about "ok" but "ok" leaves the door open for someone else to do better and steal that customer. Our website services provide businesses with an easy avenue of customer sales and interaction that maintains a much higher level of customer services, so transactions and communication are extraordinary.

In this economy, businesses need to understand that it's cheaper to keep a customer than to replace one. We are committed to helping businesses increase their customer loyalty, ticket size, and bottom line. But, this can only happen if customers are not just listened to, but heard.  Many consumers move quietly away from service providers without businesses ever knowing why they lost them. This is a problem we aim to fix with your help.

We want you to join our team:

We are currently seeking Outside B2B Sales Representatives to service customers and develop new business in all parts of the country.  We are hiring both full-time reps and professionals seeking an additional revenue stream.  have a chance to be part of something that will be very big.
Specifically, the job includes:

  • Closing business-to-business deals with companies of every size and in every industry
  • Maintaining, building and creating lasting relationships with new and existing customers within your exclusive sales territory.
  • Prospecting via face-to-face or telephone cold calling, social networking, or other creative means to reach out to businesses
  • Treating every person with the utmost of respect and professionalism as we practice what we preach and provide the customer service we expect our businesses to provide to their own customers.

Position Description: 

You must be able to be self-directed and motivated.  You will be home-based and will never punch a time card or have anyone pressuring you to work.  Our successful representatives will understand that (Vision)Tenacity=Success and Reward.  

We are offering limited or zero competition regionally nationwide, so if you decide to work with us you will not have to share your area unless covering it is beyond your ability.  Our desire is to have a small corps of exceptionally compensated professionals rather than a large force earning less.  We have big plans and prefer happy representatives that stay with us.
Minimum Requirements:

You must not only understand the value of great customer service but be able to communicate it to others.  You must be creative, determined, and motivated to succeed.
Benefits & Compensation: 

This is a commission only position, but we believe you should be rewarded for the important work you do and for helping ThrottleWeb to become a household name for businesses. So, you'll receive a commission that far exceeds industry standards.  Furthermore, as we grow, all opportunities become available only to those who helped us to grow and prosper.  Income potential of 50K-150K is realistic first year.

It starts with you. That's a simple sentence but it says a lot. It reminds each one of us that what we do matters. Every single employee contributes to our mission, you act as a catalyst in a chain of events that will help millions of consumers get more for their money and the businesses that service them to be more profitable. By choosing a career with ThrottleWeb, you'll join a team of passionate people working together to improve lives and advance customer service.

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